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Cozy Fall Decor on the Screened Porch

Well, it is finally fall here in Virginia! The humidity is gone (I hope!) and the temperatures have dropped a bit today, almost too much-but better than the 82 degrees that we had yesterday. It seems that here in Richmond we often have times where we get weather typical of three different seasons all in one week. Crazy! I’ll take one season at a time please:) So since it actually feels like fall, I decided it was time to put some cozy fall decor on the screened porch.

The Screened Porch

We added our screened porch (screened in porch, screen porch – I never know how I should say it) a little over four years ago and I must say it is my favorite spot in our entire house! Like the pillow says, it truly is my happy place. I love to sit out there with my coffee in the mornings, when the world is just waking up and the only sounds I hear are the birds. Or at night with a glass of sweet tea, listening to the frogs and crickets. It’s so relaxing and peaceful.

Fall decor on screened porch, reading nook, coffee mug

I like to keep a cozy flannel blanket handy for those cool fall mornings and evenings. Fall decor that’s also functional!

Fall decor on screened porch, plaid blanket, reading nook

My favorite new fall mug.

Fall decor on screened porch, hello pumpkin coffee mug


I love plaids and flannels and like to use them in my fall decor. The three plaid pillows are shirts that I turned into pillow covers by simply wrapping the pillow like a gift and securing it on the back with safety pins. So easy! And I get to keep those plaids that I loved on my guys around a little longer.

Fall decor on screened porch, plaid pillows

The Farmer’s Market pillow was an addition last year. This country girl loves trucks!

Fall decor on screened porch, Farmer's Market pillow


The colors of fall just make everything feel so cozy. Orange, copper, and wood accents are a fall favorite and really bring nature up close – especially with the deer antlers mixed in (yes, they are real).


Fall decor on screened porch, copper mugs, pumpkins, deer antlers


This fall vignette is so simple and easy, yet it really warms up the coffee table and makes it seem so festive.

Fall decor on screened porch, deer antlers, pumkins, copper mugs

Fall Farm Inspiration

When I think of fall, I think of farms. Pumpkin farms, apple orchards and farms, and my own family’s farm where I grew up. I love the fresh, crisp country air – especially on fall mornings. So I love to incorporate some vintage farm finds and a few antiques into my fall decor on the screened porch.

Lanterns are a great way to add some metal accents to the screened porch. And they are just fun to decorate with! Lanterns also give you another way to add a pop of seasonal color – I of course chose orange as it is one of my favorite colors. If the lanterns happen to be vintage/antique then it’s even better! (Only the small lantern is antique, the other one is probably from HomeGoods;)

Fall decor on screened porch, lanterns, Harvest sign

This Harvest sign is one I made a few years ago on wood from an old barn that used to be on my family’s farm. The wood is certainly 80+ years old and I left it in it’s weathered condition. I love the sense of history that it adds to my fall decor. I move this sign around from year to year, here is where it was last year.

Fall decor on screened porch, Harvest sign


The best seat in the house, or rather on the porch! I had my nephew weld an old tractor seat that I got from my dad onto an old milk can, also from my dad and I then painted it red because all of our tractors on the farm are red. Turns out to be a pretty cool stool that can double as a side table to keep extra flannels handy. Thanks for the parts, daddy!

Fall decor on screened porch, tractor seat, plaid blankets, pumpkins

Fall decor on screened porch, tractor seat, pumpkins


Farm Stand

This versatile piece of furniture on the porch has been called many things and has served many purposes. It has been a drink station and has served snacks, it has stored dog towels and warm blankets, but it is usually just there to hold all of my seasonal decorations. I also have a few antiques here that came from the farm.

Fall decor on screened porch, farm stand, plaid blankets

I just had to get my vintage inspired plaid thermos and lunch box into the mix.

Fall decor on screened porch, pumpkins, plaid thermos, antique soft drink bottles

These vintage soft drink (soda) bottles are so cool! My daddy has buckets of them in one of the barns – I got permission to snag a few. The RC Cola bottle was rescued from the mud just outside of another barn. You never know what you might find when you start looking around old barns!

Fall decor on screened porch, antique soft drink (soda) bottles, plaid thermos

I don’t know what it is about this antique scale that I like so much, but I think it’s pretty special – maybe because it was another “treasure” that I found in the barn amongst many other forgotten artifacts. It works perfectly as a display tray or bowl and fits right in with my farm stand theme.

Fall decor on screened porch, antique scale, farm stand

The sign says it all.

Fall decor on screened porch, Farm Sweet Farm, plaid lunch box

You never know when you’re going to need a cozy blanket – better keep a stack on hand. These L.L.Bean boots have been around a while, back to my college days at UVA. While they have officially been retired (had to get new ones last year because the stitching came out), I decided to keep them around as back up – and they work pretty good as a decorative accent!

Fall decor on screened porch, plaid blankets, LLBean Boots, football


So there you have it folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed these few quick and easy ways to add some cozy fall decor on the screened porch. Now, grab your book, a warm blanket, and a cup of coffee (or your beverage of choice) and get cozy on the porch this fall!


Thanks for reading,

Mary Beth


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