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Christmas on the Porch

What better time to decorate the screen porch than when it is snowing! How exciting to be draping my screen porch with red and green while there is snow on the ground and snow coming down! Such a beautiful sight and it really got me in the Christmas spirit. Some people may wonder why I put so much effort into decorating a space that is seldom used during the winter. Well, for us, a family with three dogs who go outside a hundred times a day through this gateway to the backyard – it is totally worth it! We pass through this porch many times a day, so it’s nice to have something pretty to look at, especially at Christmas.

Christmas on the porch
Heavy wet snow covering the trees.
Christmas on the porch
Snow covered trees in the backyard. This picture does not do it justice.

A Christmas Vignette on the Drink Station

My favorite spot to decorate on the porch is the drink station.

Christmas on the porch, Christmas tree farm sign, reindeer, Christmas mugs, red plaid

It’s the perfect spot to display so many cute farmhouse Christmas decorations. I seem to have a thing for “Christmas Tree Farm” signs and red trucks this year. Throw in some red plaid and I’m a happy camper!

Christmas on the porch, Christmas tree farm sign

Christmas on the porch, red plaid, buffalo plaid, reindeer

Christmas on the porch, plaid thermos, red truck mug, red plaid

Aren’t these mugs the cutest? Red trucks and Goldens – doubly happy.

Vintage Charm

Nothing says winter fun better than a vintage sled on the porch – with snow in the background. This sled is from my childhood and brings back many fond memories sledding with my brother and sister on our farm here in Virginia. I’ll never forget my older brother pulling me behind a tractor on this sled. So much fun! (And probably a little dangerous.)

Christmas on the porch, vintage sled, Hunter boots, birch wood, galvanized bucket

I love this vintage style sign with the woody wagon. Since it’s metal, I decided to keep it on the porch rather than put it in the yard. I think it works perfectly!

Christmas on the porch, vintage sign, birch wood, vintage sled

This was my tricycle when I was 4 or 5. I remember riding it back and forth on the (very) short sidewalk leading to the back door of our farmhouse. A few years ago, it was the victim of a barn collapse. My daddy (who is now 85) repaired/restored it the best he could and delivered it to me on Christmas. So special. Such a great addition to my porch –  in any season.

Christmas on the porch, red tricycle, vintage tricycle


Country Christmas Tree and String Lights

You can’t have Christmas on the porch without a Christmas tree, right? I chose to go with a small one this year, to keep the view to the yard unobstructed. The little country style Christmas tree is complete with a red cardinal on top.


Keeping things simple, I used string garland with wooden beads to decorate the tree. The tiny lights are on a timer – one less thing to unplug at bedtime.

Christmas on the porch, red bird, galvanized bucket, lantern

I wrapped the galvanized bucket with a wide ribbon to give it a little color and pattern. Another red bird rests by the lantern.

Christmas on the porch, red lantern string lights

I love these red lantern (cage) string lights that I bought a few years ago at Target. They are draped along the railings on both open sides of the porch. Sometimes I add a pine garland, but I didn’t have it in me this year – more mess to clean up;) I love having lots of extra lights at Christmas time, there’s just something about that glow.

Tabletop Christmas Decor

Even though we don’t eat on the porch in the winter time, I still like to decorate the table as we can see it from the kitchen through the French doors. The red plaid tablecloth just sets the stage for a festive display. Have I mentioned that I LOVE plaid?

Christmas on the porch, lanterns, plaid, table centerpiece

Christmas on the porch, lanterns, plaid

I turned these summer glass lanterns into a Christmas decoration by simply adding mini wreaths hung by red ribbon to them. So easy! I wrapped these galvanized metal planters with ribbon and Viola! It goes from spring decor to Christmas in seconds!

Hope these few ideas inspired you to add a little Christmas to your porch!


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Christmas on the porch, Golden Retriever, snow



6 thoughts on “Christmas on the Porch

  1. Hi Valerie-those mugs came from Homegoods, one last year and one this year. Hope you are able to find one for yourself! Yes, Goldens are hard to pass up! Merry Christmas!

  2. You caught my attention with the cups with the red truck on them. Would you please share where you purchased them? And besides how can I pass up a precious golden named Cooper! He looks like our Amber-14 yrs old. ❤️

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