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Fall Mantel – Harvest Themed for Thanksgiving

My “Fall Back” Into Blogging with a Harvest Themed Mantel

I’m Baaack! After an unintentional summer hiatus, I am back to blogging this fall! My summer activities/ responsibilities / obligations somehow got the best of me and pulled me away from blogging. Or I didn’t make it a priority. Or I got lazy. You choose. Regardless, I am back for the fall season! Besides, how could someone who loves fall as much as I do, not blog about it?! I think part of my lack of posting is simply just deciding what to post and just doing it. I mull things over for so long, trying to decide on something that is just right or blog worthy, and I just can’t decide. This has been a problem for me my whole life – making decisions – deciding on something and going with it. So, without further ado, I give you my first post since my hiatus, “Fall Mantel – Harvest Themed for Thanksgiving”.

Fall mantel, Thanksgiving, harvest sign, pumpkins, plaid, farmhouse, fall decor
Full view of mantel and hearth surroundings.

Fall Favorites

I love seasonal decorating and fall is no exception! Orange has always been one of my favorite colors and I have never been able to pass up a cute pumpkin decoration or fall plaids. I start pulling out my fall decorations the last week of September – laying everything out on the dining room table so that I can see what I have and start planning my displays. (Of course, I had to clear away the 4th of July decorations that somehow never got packed up and taken to the basement – Oops!)

Then the decorating begins! It is a process y’all! I seriously just finished putting out and tweaking my last fall items last Friday, October 27th! I’m not even kidding! The process goes like this: survey what I have, look at what I did last year, consult my “fall” Pinterest boards, arrange my vignette, decide it’s not quite right, go shopping for more decorations, consult Pinterest again, tweak display – done! I think!

Here is how my fall mantel ended up this year:

fall mantel, Thanksgiving, harvest sign, pumpkins, cotton stems, farmhouse style

Did I mention that I love orange?! It will always have a place on my fall mantel. Though the trend lately is for a more neutral color palate, I think one of the best things about this time of year is all of the beautiful jewel tone colors, so they will always be a part of my decorating. I just love the orange wooden Mason jar sign!


Farmhouse Style

fall mantel, Thanksgiving, harvest sign, barn wood, farmhouse style
Harvest sign created from 80+ year old barn wood from my family’s farm.

I painted this harvest sign on reclaimed wood from a barn that used to be on my family’s farm. I decided to leave it in it’s natural, weathered condition to preserve it’s authentic, rustic appearance. That’s what wood from a barn really looks like:)


Fall mantel, cotton stems, tobacco basket, farmhouse style

I like how the cotton stems add texture to the mantel display. If you look closely, you can see the owl on the orange jar, further tying in the fall theme. The candles are faux birch wood and are remote controlled.


fall mantel, pumpkins, mason jar, galvanized metal, farmhouse style

I like using various elements to elevate items on the mantel. While I sometimes use old books, for this display I went with a small urn. The mini pumpkin fit perfectly on top. I often use galvanized metal in my decorating for the hint of farmhouse style it provides.

Adding Warmth

Fall mantel, Thanksgiving, plaid blankets, pumpkins, throw pillow, rocking chair, farmhouse

This is a favorite! I love rocking chairs and this little one came from my husband’s Great Aunt Alma, and is very special to us. The pillow is new this fall – a Homegoods purchase in early September. The plaid blanket (Shh! It’s actually a scarf, don’t tell anyone) adds a dose of coziness.


Fall mantel, plaid pumpkin, chevron pumpkin, vintage suitcases, farmhouse style
Vintage suitcase styled storage boxes.

Again, I use different elements to add height and interest to any display. Especially helpful when getting items off of the floor.


Fall mantel, plaid pumpkin, chevron pumpkin, vintage suitcases, farmhouse style

These fabric pumpkins are also a new addition this year and came from Target. The flannel and burlap on the pumpkins add a warm contrast to the coolness of the leather suitcase.

So there you have it folks! A cozy mix of autumn colors and textures for a fall mantel display. What do you like to put on your mantel for fall?



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