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Last Minute Ideas for a Patriotic Porch

Need some last minute 4th of July decorating ideas for your outdoor spaces? Well, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration for your patriotic porch! I’m sharing some super quick and easy seasonal decorating ideas that will help you get a festive look for all of your 4th of July celebrations. So gather all of your red, white and blue and stars and stripes and let’s create a patriotic porch for you and your family and friends to enjoy! You can also check out this post for indoor patriotic decorating ideas.

Beverage Station

Porch beverage station decorated for the 4th of July.


Any area where drinks or food are served is prime real estate for holiday decorations! Nothing fancy here, just a few votive candles, a firecracker bundle, a flag stuck in a vintage Coke bottle, and a wooden flag garland to compliment the framed America sign that I leave out all year. Oh, yeah, can’t forget the little red tractor on the top shelf.



Porch beverage station with July 4th straws.

No beverage station would be complete without some fun paper straws and beverage napkins. Don’t you just love the these Mason jar napkins? The napkins came from Homegoods and I buy paper straws from a variety of places, including Marshall’s and even the Dollar Store.

The dining table has a classic red and white checkered tablecloth – doesn’t every home in the South have one of these? I added some red, white, and blue artificial flowers to a galvanized metal watering can with a stars and stripes pinwheel tucked in.


Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Of course, I had to have this Mason jar sign from Hobby Lobby! Wish I was skilled enough to decorate the backside so that I could leave it up all year:)

This sign says it all! Check out Michael’s for lots of cute summertime signs. I love the rustic designs.

I thought this sign was fun! Looks like it’s corrugated metal – but it’s not. It’s not a 4th of July sign, but it is red and that’s patriotic enough for me. Plus, it can be used across the seasons – a double win!

Patriotic Porch Party Sign


Patriotic Porch Sittin’

Summer can be busy with vacations and celebrations and sometimes you just want to sit and relax. I like to change out the pillows in the sitting area on our screened porch from time to time to add holiday color or to just refresh things a bit. (Check out this post for my screened porch refresh). The red pillows are nice and plush – perfect for resting your head on a Sunday afternoon nap. The burlap flag pillow came from World Market a year or so ago and adds a touch of vintage / farmhouse style. Decorative pillows don’t necessarily have to have a flag on it or be a combination of red, white and blue to be patriotic. I like to use an assortment of pillows that when used together create the feel you’re going for and can be used for more than one holiday / season.

Candlelight always adds a nice glow on summer evenings. I love lanterns and like to use a variety of sizes and colors. This red one works for the 4th of July, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Just purchased it this week at Michael’s.

Add some decorative ribbon to the handles of the tray for a little extra color.

Again, more candles for that nighttime glow. Attach a plastic flag to a Mason jar and add a tealight or votive candle (can use sand in jar for a more stable candle if desired) and voila! cute DIY patriotic candle. Two flags in a fern – boom! done! And only $1 for a pack of three. Drape a garland on the porch railing for instant patriotic color.

Another lantern, this time filled with star string lights.



Patriotic Patio

What could be easier than tossing a blanket and pillow onto the swing for instant stars and stripes appeal? Well, maybe sticking a few flags here and there:) Our porch swing is on the lower level covered patio and is a nice retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily family activity. I like to keep accessories down here simple and functional.

The pillow is another simple DIY project. Just cover a pillow with two handkerchiefs and tie together at the corners. That’s it. It’s hard to see in the picture, but I used red and blue curling ribbon. The hankerchiefs were $1 each at Walmart.

This tricycle was mine as a child and I keep it around for our little friends to ride on when they come to visit. It’s already red, so of course it can be part of the patriotic porch decor. Maybe I should have added a flag or some stars to the tractor seat / milk can stool;)

What kid doesn’t want a tricycle decked out for the 4th of July? A flag and some streamers on the handlebars – just like when I was a kid.


Hope you enjoyed these quick and easy decorating ideas and can use some of them to help create your own patriotic porch!

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Patriotic decorating, July 4th   Patriotic decorating, July 4th   Patriotic decorating, July 4th

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8 thoughts on “Last Minute Ideas for a Patriotic Porch

  1. Mary Beth… what a lovely porch for the fourth of July… and for all of summer for that matter! Love the red-white-brew sign… so cute! And so many lovely elements to make your outdoor space festive! I’m here by way of TFT… congrats on your feature! We’d LOVE to have you come and link up at Tuesday Turn About, as well! We close tomorrow nite at midnight CST. Hope to see you there!

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thanks so much! I love decorating for the 4th! I will certainly check out Tuesday Turn About. Thanks for the invitation!

      1. I just realized, those are napkins, not a sign! LOL! So good to have you at TTA! I’m checking out the other posts now!

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