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Easy Patriotic Decoration Ideas

I love seasonal decorating! I think I go overboard sometimes, but with all of the places to shop in my area, I just can’t help myself! Adding patriotic decor to my home is one of my favorite things to do – it means summer is here! I buy a few new things each year to add to my collection. I start putting out red, white and blue for Memorial Day in May which leads to Flag Day in June and onto the big patriotic celebration of July 4th! Just one of the many ways we can show our love of our country. Here are some easy (and quick) ideas that you can use to add patriotic decorations to your home. Seasonal decorating doesn’t have to be elaborate – just quick little touches here and there will give your home a festive look! For ideas on how to create a patriotic porch, click here.

Stars and Stripes Three Tiered Tray

One of my favorite new home decor accessories is this three tiered tray from Hobby Lobby. I gathered lots of small red, white and blue items and arranged them according to size and pattern. Individually, the items are not that exciting, but when grouped together they make a bigger statement – and I think it looks really cute!


3 tiered tray with patriotic decor

Fourth of July Mantel

When I decorate the mantel in our family room, I like to mix things up from year to year. We spend a lot of time here and it’s seen from our kitchen, so I wanted to add some fun patriotic decorations to liven it up. Sometimes when I’m decorating my home I just have to let the ideas come to me – I can’t always force them and be creative on demand. I have to be inspired, or just mull things over in my mind until I come up with something. Like I said earlier, I like to add a few new items each year, and I hit the jackpot with patriotic items at Michael’s this week!

The fireworks sign  perfectly depicts summer! I love typography signs and have several in our home. The flag Mason jar was quite a find! I had plans to paint my own (one day;) and was so happy to find one already done. Love it! Both were 50% off at Michael’s. (Oh, the striped candle is from the Dollar Store.)

Mantel with patriotic decor


Again, just using what I already had and displaying them in a new way.

I added a few nautical touches in with the patriotic items to continue that summertime theme.

I just love this old picture of my girls when they were little, eating watermelon at a local 4th of July celebration. Those white t-shirts were saturated with watermelon juice! The girls are now 19 and 17 and still love to eat watermelon!


Patriotic Pillows and More

Have I mentioned that I love decorative pillows! They are just such an easy way to add seasonal decor to an area or to refresh a room. With so many options out there you can find decorative pillows at almost any price point. We have a row of built in storage benches along the outside wall of our kitchen where I have multiple pillows and change them out seasonally (or on a whim!) I bought these two patriotic pillows last year on clearance at Homegoods. The colors are very bright and really stand out on the white bench seat.

The “gather here” sign and “hey y’all” pillow are from Hobby Lobby.



The “Born and Raised” sign is another find from Michael’s this week. Love the rustic design – suits my Southern style just right!


On an adjacent wall in the kitchen, I hung a wooden flag under “The South” sign and added two American flags to the small Mason jar. The stars and stripes bowl holds some patriotic napkins. The flag and bowl came from Kohl’s years ago. It’s so easy just to set out a few seasonal items that you like and it makes the whole area seem more festive.

A favorite Southern inspired sign in my kitchen.


So, how will you decorate your home this 4th of July? I have one last tip when it comes to decorating for the seasons/holidays – gather all of your items in one area and spread them out so that you can see what you have to work with. That way you see both your old and new items and can start visualizing where you want to put them. I do this on my dining room table. Once you have decorated, I recommend taking a photo of your creation so you can recreate it next year (or mix things up a bit). Have fun decorating! I hope you and your family have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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  1. Like the suggestion of gathering everything together to see what we have and think of where we want you display it.

    We have a southern inspirational sign in our dining room. Visitors always comment on it. 🙂

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