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Refresh Your Outdoor Spaces for Summer- Part 2: Porch Swing Patio

If you love being outside as much as I do, then you will appreciate having multiple areas to relax and entertain outdoors. My favorite spot to be is my screened porch – it’s my happy place and it’s bug free (and it’s where I’m sitting, writing this post)! You can find my post about my screened porch refresh here. But my second favorite spot to enjoy outside is my porch swing patio area. We have a covered patio on the basement level of our house and at the far end is a classic, white porch swing. This swing reminds me of the one we had on the front porch of our farmhouse growing up.


Porch swing on patio with pineapple pillow.

Classic white porch swing with gold pineapple pillow and colorful chevron pillows.

Porch Swing Patio: Extra Seating

To make this end of the patio seem a little more pulled together and comfortable for multiple people, I added two (old) patio chairs and a bench (a Mother’s Day gift from years ago). The chairs are part of our old patio set that I painted orange (they were originally hunter green-remember when that was THE color?). The area now feels more like a room instead of a long span of concrete with a swing at the end. These patio furniture pieces didn’t add any cost to the project since we already had them. I like the collected look of the furniture – it feels inviting and homey.

Orange patio chairs provide extra seating.
Orange patio chairs with blue accent table. Extra seating and a place for your drink.


Wide comfy bench to accommodate extra guests (or collect backyard clutter).


Porch Swing Patio: A Rug & Pillows – The Cozy Layer

To cozy things up on the patio in the porch swing area, I added an indoor/outdoor rug. The rug was only $40 from Christmas Tree Shops and has all of the colors that I am using on the patio! A great find! The addition of texture and color helps break up the expanse of gray concrete and again, adds to that “room” feeling.

The rug helps define the sitting area. It coordinates perfectly with many of the items that I already had.
Close up of rug.

Next, I added some decorative throw pillows to enhance that feeling of warmth and coziness. The pillows also add lots of color to the area – and I do love color!

The pillows are a nice, colorful accent for the swing. I like being able to mix old and new.

The colorful chevron pillows on the swing are from Bed, Bath & Beyond a couple of years ago. The pineapple theme is very popular right now, and I must say I do love this classic symbol of Southern hospitality! The burlap and gold pineapple pillow cover is from Hobby Lobby this season and was just placed on an existing pillow. The green pillows on the bench were also purchased from Hobby Lobby (a year or so ago). All three of these pillow covers were purchased on sale at 50% off! While they are not meant to be outdoor pillows, I think they will do fine under the covered patio.

Love the sparkly gold pineapple pillow!


Porch Swing Patio: Accessories -New & Vintage

The final refresh that I did for this area was to add some accessories to give the space some character. My favorite piece is the red milk can/tractor seat stool. Not only does it add extra seating but also vintage charm. And it has a history. Both pieces came from my family’s farm and the project was a group effort. My nephew welded the pieces together, my brother sandblasted the old paint off and primed it, and I painted it red. A tractor stool from our family farm has to be red because all of our tractors are red.

Red milk can/tractor seat stool adds vintage charm, while the Boston fern adds some greenery.

I placed a Boston fern in a bright blue pot by the edge of the patio to further define the space. Another fern is sitting on a galvanized bucket turned upside down. (Recognize that from anywhere?)

The little blue metal table came from World Market a year or two ago. My original plan was to paint it a darker blue (a more UVA blue) to go with my orange chairs, but as you can see, that never happened. Which turned out to be fine because it matches the blue in the rug. Every sitting area needs at least one accent table – where else will you put your iced tea?  Since this area of the patio is not screened in, it’s probably a good idea to have a citronella candle handy.


Compliments to my oldest daughter for painting the “Happy Place” canvas for me.

I like to use lanterns to add a warm glow to evenings on the patio. These two are battery operated and get moved from place to place, depending on where we land for the evening. I’m almost certain they were purchased at Homegoods, I just love their lantern collection (and prices).

Lanterns for soft light and a blanket for cool evenings.


So, how will you refresh your outdoor spaces for summer?

How about pulling together some furniture from another area or adding an area rug to define the space? You could also pick up a couple of new decorative pillows to add some color and some lanterns or candles to add some soft lighting. I hope you have found some inspiration here…some Southern inspiration. How ever you refresh your space, once it’s done be sure to take the time to enjoy it. Sometimes we forget that part. So grab your favorite book or magazine, a nice cool drink, and sit back and relax!


Porch swing patio. Refresh your outdoor spaces for summer.


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  1. This was particularly helpful, as I am in the process of sprucing up our patio in the back. I love the pineapple pillow!

    Thank you for your blog sweetie. I enjoy reading it and have gained inspiration. Now I’m on a quest to beautify the patio!

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