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Refresh Your Outdoor Spaces for Summer: Part 1 – Screened Porch

I think the tree pollen has finally stopped covering all of our outdoor spaces here in Virginia, so it’s time to spruce things up for the warmer months ahead! I’m later than usual getting my screened porch ready for summer this year because my allergies have been so bad. I literally couldn’t be outside at all! Since being outside is one of my favorite things to do, I was really bummed to be stuck in the house! So you can imagine how happy I am to finally get back out there!

Screened Porch Refresh: Tropical Color

We added this screened porch about 3 years ago and it has truly become my “happy place”! To freshen things up, I typically add new decorative pillows each year because it’s such an easy (and relatively inexpensive) way to change the colors and look of a room. And did I mention that I love color?! Colorful surroundings make me happy and feel warm and welcoming to me, so I make sure that I incorporate color in every room or outdoor area. This year I’m going with a tropical theme – lots of bold colors like orange (my favorite color), green, and blue. I got really lucky on a recent trip to Homegoods (my most favorite store EVER!) and found lots of items to go with my theme – I love it when that happens!


The full porch view of my “happy place”.


The tropical floral print pillows were my first find and just happened to have all of the colors that I was planning on using – score! Next, I added a new tray to the coffee table. The galvanized metal one that was here last summer has been relocated to the basement game room. The new one is perfect with its botanical print and tropical fruit. The table runner also has a tropical print and coordinates nicely with the pillows and tray. The prints are not the same on all of these items, but the colors are, so they work well together, giving it a collected feel and not so matchy matchy.


Lots of naps have taken place here…under that orange blanket.



In an attempt to save money when we were furnishing our new screened porch, we decided to use our old kitchen table out here. While I thought it would just be temporary, it works so well in the space that we have decided to keep it here indefinitely – or at least until I find the perfect replacement.

Great spot for outdoor dining!


I love these glass lanterns that I picked up at Christmas Tree Shops, a bargain at $5 each! It’s hard to say no to that.


Screened Porch Refresh: Plants and Vintage Pieces

Another way to refresh your screened porch for summer is to add some live plants. This year I decided to use Boston Ferns, a plant I have never owned before. I felt like they added to the tropical feel and really tied into all of the greenery of the trees in our backyard. A southern screened porch wouldn’t be complete without some vintage pieces thrown into the mix.  Most of mine are from my family’s farm and I like to use them in various areas of my home.

I placed this Boston Fern on a galvanized metal bucket turned upside down.


This corner of the screened porch is filled with a second fern on a plant stand. The candle and vintage orange lantern sit on a “wood slice” from a tree from our farm.



A couple of my favorite pillows! The “hey y’all” pillow gets moved around a bit, but the “Happy Place” one stays on the porch.




Screened Porch Refresh: Beverage Station

The last area of the porch to get a little sprucing up is the beverage station. It is actually a potting bench from World Market – the second one I own. The first one is down below on the covered patio and is actually used for filling pots, and does not look nearly this clean!

The antique soda (or soft drink) bottles came from the farm. They were piled in a bucket in one of the barns and had probably been there ever since the last sip was taken.


A closer view of “The South” sign when it was hanging in a different location.



Beverage station: Southern style sweet tea served here! Aren’t those pineapple napkins adorable?


Well, I guess that’s it for my summer refresh for the screened porch. Hope you found some inspiration! How do you plan to transform your porch for summer?

Thanks for stopping by y’all! Be sure to check out more outdoor inspiration in Part 2 of refreshing your outdoor spaces: Porch Swing Patio.



10 thoughts on “Refresh Your Outdoor Spaces for Summer: Part 1 – Screened Porch

  1. I love your style! I also like changing up my decor for seasons or holidays. Your decorating is cozy and fun! New follower here!

  2. You speak my language! I love color. And those throw pillows are magnificent! We are still getting pollen blasts here in Alabama, so I’m waiting a while longer to spruce up my decks.
    🙂 gwingal

    1. Hi Nikki, Not sure how I missed your comment, but thank you for your compliment! I love color and being outside…when the pollen is gone! It sure seemed to stick around an extra long time this year.

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